This unique pendule shaped as a théaire, tea pot, was made in France during the Directoire (1795-1799). The Directoire was established on October 26, 1795, after the fall of Robespierre, the man of the Terror. It forms the last fase of the French Revolution. On November 9, 1799 (18 Brumaire of the year VIII according to the revolutionary calendar) Napoleon made his coup d’état and took over power as First Consul. In 1804 the consulate became the empire.

During the Directory, black and gold were favourite colours. Motives were often derived from Pompeii, where in 1748 the first serious excavations had started. Since the brand new French Republic pretended to be a continuation of the old Roman one, Roman art was a fount of inspiration, also in fashions. This tendency continued during the empire, the Style Empire. During the empire many Egyptian motives played a role also, due to Napoleon’s conquest of that country in 1798-1799, Le Retour d’Égypte.