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Boerhaave Museum discovers unknown Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Microscope

The Netherlands is one Leeuwenhoek microscope richer. Studies at Museum Boerhaave have revealed that an tiny seventeenth-century object from a collection of Dutch silver doll’s house accessories – until now always viewed as an oddity – is in reality an authentic microscope of the type produced by Delft-based cloth trader Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, in the […]

Meteor Swarm Orionids reached coming days maximum

The next few days reached the swarm of Orionids its maximum. The swarm will probably be good to see. The Orionids have originated in Halley’s Comet every 76 years comes close to the sun and the earth. In 2061 the comet returns. Above Netherlands was last weekend to see. A fireball The Working Group Meteors […]

Royal Eise Eijsenga Planetarium in Franeker receives Orrery Planetarium Zuylen Burgh

Royal Eise Eijsenga Planetarium in Franeker receives Orrery Planetarium Zuylen Burgh Old Pillars. The Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker is from the collection of Planetarium Zuylen Burgh received a beautiful contemporary version of the Orrery James Ferguson (1710-1776). This planetarium instruments were made for educational reasons. The movements of the sun, earth and moon can […]

The initiator of “Art Residence”

BERT DEGENAAR (56) had long been an art dealer in Amsterdam’s Spiegelkwartier. He owns the Planetarium Zuylen Burgh, located in the same country house. This monument dating from 1651 in Oud-Pillars, near Utrecht, was once owned by the family of Tuyll of Serooskerken. Also owns the adjacent Degenaar Logement Swaenenvecht, former rectory, whose oldest part […]

Jupiter’s storm is shrinking faster

In the middle of the planet Jupiter is centuries been a giant red spot, a huge storm, and that spot is getting smaller. The average is now only 16,500 kilometers, smaller than ever measured before. That’s according to new research from the American space agency NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope to Jupiter has checked out. […]